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Private Training
We offer private training sessions that provide personalized attention to your dog and the whole family. These sessions take place in the comfort of your home, allowing your dog to learn in a safe and familiar environment. Our training plans are customized to meet your dog's unique needs, ensuring effective and consistent training.

 Basic manners

  • In this session type, we will go over basic manners, such as:  sit, stay, leave it, recall, jumping, loose leash walking,  potty training, kennel training, and more with your dog. 
  • I am frequently asked to help with some of the following issues: 
  • How to work through having trouble cutting your dog's nails or bathing your dog
  • How to keep children safe around dogs and dogs safe around children.  
  • The dos and don'ts of positive reinforcement training
  • How to keep your dog happy and busy
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