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Meet Agnes

Hi, my name is Agnes Kavalecz. I am a long-time dog lover and I was the owner of 2 amazing dogs, Rusty and Pongo. I decided to become a dog trainer after I found myself pregnant and with two rescue dogs. Pongo, wearing the blue collar, was a nervous wreck, and Rusty, in the red collar, had problematic behaviors. I tried to teach them with what little I learned from TV and the internet. At my lowest point, I even used a shock/vibrating collar. I wish I sought out professional help, but really didn't know how to look for a trainer. It was then that I decided I would become the professional that I needed. The school I chose, along with my mentor, taught me force free, science based training. I was amazed at how little I actually knew about dogs, and surprised how the positive methods transformed my dogs into happy and relaxed members of the family.


After I earned my certification, I focused on positive reinforcement training, a scientifically proven method to help problematic behaviors. I am continuing my education in dog behaviors through various webinars and extensive literary research to stay current in theories and techniques of dog training. I have a solid customer base and proven track record with a variety of breeds and problem behaviors. Rewarding a positive behavior by offering your dog something he/she wants, increases the possibility the behavior will be repeated.

I do not believe in using fear, intimidation or any other aversive training methods, as these types of approaches can cause aggression and lots of side effects to your dog.

My goal is to build a positive foundation for you and your dog. Redirecting an unwanted action with a behavior you approve of will decrease the frequency of the undesirable act.



When I'm not training, I'm spending time with my family, learning about new techniques, and volunteering at our local rescue, Loving Paws Adoption Center.

My first trained dogs
Agnes and her family
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