My name is Agnes Kavalecz. I graduated CATCH Canine Trainers Academy (CCDT). I am a Family Paws Parent Educator (FPPE) as well as a Pet Dog Ambassador trainer and assessor. 
I am a proud member of The Pet Professional Guild. I also volunteer my time at the local shelter at Loving Paws Adoption Center.

I love working with high energy dogs, rowdy puppies, dogs with behavior issues and stubborn owners...oops, I mean... DOGS!

I specialize in Force-free training.
I love educating people how to prevent dog bites, and keeping families safe and happy are my priorities.
I'm continuing to educate myself in dog behavior through the practice of force-free training.

From basic obedience to behavior modification!

Training Methods Used

My training is based on force-free, positive reinforcement training.

This method has been proven by modern

behavior science to be the most effective

and long-lasting approach to building solid and bonded relationship with our dogs.

This will help you to have a shared understanding, a co-operative relationship with your dog and help building reliable behaviors.


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Muzzle training Darcy

She is a lovely 5-6 years old rescue, however she gets frustrated with high energy dogs. She bites and she causes damage. She lives with Pinot, a 3 years old Chihuahua mix. Pinot is a very rough little dog and Daisy doesn't mind her. Long story short of Daisy's life is that she is going to have 3 more doggie siblings. We are getting her ready for this big life change.