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Positive Reinforcement Training:

Force-Free: The Joyful, Science-Backed Approach to Dog Training.

Welcome to Let's Get Pawsitive, a veteran-owned small business dedicated to providing stress free training for dog guardians and their beloved dogs.

Positive reinforcement dog training is a science-backed approach that focuses on building a trusting relationship with your furry friend. By rewarding good behavior, you can achieve long-lasting results that will benefit both you and your dog. With patience and consistency, positive reinforcement training can help you create a happy and well-behaved companion.

An enthusiastic dog named Woody sits attentively beside his trainer, a look of eager anticipation in his eyes, his tail wagging happily. The trainer smiles, rewarding Woody with a treat, celebrating their successful training session together.

Certified Licensed Trainer

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Certified Mentor Trainer of Animal Behavior college
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