Agnes has invested an enormous amount of time and resources into her education as a dog trainer, which in this country is entirely optional. She is knowledgeable as well as committed to positive training that is highly effective and the lowest risk to your dog. Hire her! She is kind, sensitive and methodical.


Heidi Steinbeck Ctc, Gig Harbor, Wa  Mentor of Agnes

Agi is an amazing dog trainer... And she will give you the tools you need to have a great life with your dog....


Lala Vaiau, Fort Lewis, Wa

King, 4 years old

When our puppy began to fall behind in potty training and developed a few habits we wanted fixed, I turned to the best volunteer at our shelter: Agnes. She came over for a reasonable rate and walked us through the actions of what we needed to do. Thank you, Agnes, for all you have done and I wish you the best in your move!


Sabrina, Elizabethtown, Ky

Gracie, 7 months old

I loved the training sessions that she gives. It helped me to not only train my dog but see how to do things to better the relationship that my dog and I have. He responds better then he ever had before and I have the confidence in training him to continue on my own as well. Thanks for all your help.


Brittani Riggs, Upton, Ky

Diesel, 3 years old

I volunteer at the Hardin County Animal Shelter alongside Agnes who dedicates a lot of her “free-time” to helping our canine friends find homes. I have personally seen Agnes do amazing things in very short periods of time, and I have learned a lot just by observing her techniques. The shelter dogs are kept in kennels most hours of every day and some of them can sometimes require a lot of tender loving care along with positive guidance and direction to help them develop into excellent candidates as new family members for loving homes. Agnes makes this happen!


Teresa Brunner, Elizabethtown, Ky

These are a couple of the dogs I had the pleasure to meet and work with in the shelter, where I volunteered for 3 months in Kentucky.

I had never owned a dog in my life (I am now 41). After searching a few days, we fell in love with an American Pit Bull puppy and we named him Flynn. With all the opinions surrounding Pit Bulls, I know this to be true: they are strong, athletic, and require endless exercise. Also, they are loyal, loving, and smart. It's all in the training how you shape your dog's base personality traits, right? Absolutely.
I was fortunate enough to run into Agnes on one of my walks with Flynn. We were currently researching what type of training we should enroll Flynn and we found it right on our doorstep!
Agnes began training Flynn right away with her positive reinforcement techniques and it was nothing short of amazing. She was extremely patient with Flynn, which is what likely sets her apart from all other dog trainers. She assessed what Flynn needed, developed a specific plan for him, and made her expectations for him (and us) very clear. Agnes requires the dog's owner to be involved in the training for the obvious reason of making sure all the good, positive, hard work sticks.
Agnes is honest, punctual, kind, and quite possibly the best dog trainer I know. Flynn would not be the obedient, happy, healthy dog he is today if we hadn't had the honor of working with Agnes!


Amy K Hannon Papier, Dupont, Wa

Flynnie boy, 2 years old

Agnes is a wonderful dog trainer. I love the fact that she came to my house and worked with my schedule to help train my sheltie, Sadie. She's patient and kind and truly enjoys working with dogs. She checks to see how training is going and is willing to come back out and help in between sessions if needed. The training techniques that she teaches all "positive" reinforcement and they work! I would recommend her to anyone that's looking for a dog trainer!


Callie Lyon, Cameron, NC

 Sadie, 3 years old

Agnes is an amazing teacher! She worked with my puppy and my older dog in our home, helping me to integrate them. She helped teach the puppy and reinforce training with the older dog. She took time out of her busy schedule whenever I had a question or issue and would frequently "check in" with us between sessions. I would HIGHLY recommend her for training (and have).


Debra Plackowski McCool, Cameron, NC

Keeley 4 months old

Faolan 10 years old

LOVE LOVE LOVE AGNES!!!!!!!!! She is awesome and knows her dogs!!!!! My dog was scared of EVERYTHING and I couldn't get him to do ANYTHING! After 4 sessions with Agnes, he actually got the basics of loose leash walking and basic commands. I would definitely recommend her!

Vece Moore, Cameron, NC

Duke, 1 year old

Agnes is amazing! She helped us accomplish so much with our pup Zeus. She worked around our crazy schedule and always had a smile on her face when she came to our house for training sessions. She went above and beyond by tailoring some tricks for our teens to teach our pup for fun.

Cherry Long, Cameron, NC

Zeus, 2 1/2 years old

Dear Agnes                                        

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your Basic K-9 Obedience Training course. I love that you always instruct from a caring and positive perspective, and that you teach alot of the canine psychology behind each lesson's technique. That was very helpful to me as SuSu is young and a bit hyperactive. Learning how to redirect her behavior minimizes the frustration for both of us, and I love the emphasis on teaching hand signals before the verbal commands. She has responded well to the instruction, and I continue to see weekly improvement. I would highly recommend your course to any dog owner, and in my mind, the course has earned a 5-star rating!                               Thank you again----Carole & SuSu🌞

Carole Blance, Fayetteville, NC

Susu, 2 years old

Thank you Agnes with all your help. Rusty has gone through a real transformation. We can enjoy our walks and play time now. No more jumping, pulling and yelling.

Beatrice, Fayetteville, NC

Rusty, 6 months old

Agnes does a great job with instructions on how to give positive reinforcement and correction with our dog Bindi. We just finished a training class and it was great. She is very patient, kind and loves the dogs. Bindi is really hyper and she was so patient with her. My husband and I enjoyed the sessions. Thank you Agnes for all your help.

Susan Fail

We just finished a class with “Let’s Get Pawsitive” and Angus. The class was well oganized and she provided accompany take home sheets that covered different aspects of dog development. She provided instructions in basic obedience training along with tips on how to feed your dog and different ways to keep your dog occupied. She believes in only using “positive feedback” and discourages physical correction when training your dog. My wife and I enjoyed this class and found it very worth while. The class was small and she spent time with every dog and owner each night.

Reed Fail, Fayetteville, NC

Bindi, 14 months

My dog and myself had been subjected to a big dog/small dog traumatic incident when that larger dog aggressively came "at" us while on our evening walk. Sadly, my dog was not the same after that incident. He wavered from being timid or anxious - to defensively aggressive. Physical limition on my part which prevent fast movements to protect my pet also contributed to the complexity of the situation.

There were the factors that promted me to seek help with the Lets Get Pawsitive program. Certified dog trainer - Agnes Kavalecz listened to my description... evaluated the scenerio... and clearly identified the behaviors that needed to be addressed and changed. With the "pawsitive" approach and her personal guidance we were able to re-direct my handling of the situation - and therefore my dog's response to that situation. As a result of the training, my dog has returned to that happy - peaceful- playful presence and I feel that I can "safely" protect my pet despite my physical limits...

A real win-win :)

Rosanne Bishop, Fayetteville, NC

Hershal, 5 years old

I can't say enough good things about Agnes! We called her for private lessons for our younger dog, who just never mastered basic manners. After only the first lesson, Bane was sitting on command - even the staff at the vet commented on how improved he seemed! At the end of the month we spent working with her, I've gone from dreading walks to really enjoying every walk we've taken this week. Even better, I feel like Agnes taught me so much as an owner! Bane has had to pause training for some medical issues, and Agnes has proven to be truly invested - checking on him all of the time and helping out with resources. When we're ready to jump back in, I know exactly who I'll call!

Lauren Dasher, Raeford, NC

Bane, 15 months old

My Husband and I just finished our training session with Agnes last week. She was really awesome! We have 2 dogs both only a year old. One being a German Shepherd who has A LOT of energy. We only paid for my German Shepherd as she is my "problem child". However my other dog doesn't like to be left out so Agnes was totally fine with him hanging around while we did the training and she helped keep him distracted with treats and love :) I love the fact that she came to our house and that it was one on one. We previously tried the petsmart classes but our German Shepherd couldn't handle the group environment. Agnes was very patient and showed a lot of care and affection towards our dogs. With more practice over time, using the tools Agnes has given us I have no doubt we will have two happy obedient dogs. I would recommend Agnes to anyone!

Anna Meacham, Fayetteville, NC

Nala & Koa

1 year olds

Agnes was super with our chocolate lab, Captain. He's always been full of energy and he responded better to her than anyone. I always thought it was the owners, not Captain and Agnes proved that. She was even able to teach me what I was doing wrong. Agnes is very accommodating by coming to your home, working around your schedule, etc. I highly recommend Lets Get Pawsitive, LLC.

Eleanor Richardson, Vass, NC

I thought my dog could not be trained! Boy was I wrong! Agnes was gentle yet firm with my Marley and the results have been incredible! Agnes is one of a kind! She loves your dog into obedience! Thank you for all your hard work! You trained me too!

Shalawn Avery-Glover, Fayetteville, NC

Marley, 1,5 years old

Lets Get Pawsitive was a terrific training experience! I have a very reactive cattle dog puppy and Agnes trained me to be less stressed on outings which helped my pup calm down and trust me.

Mary Sacquety, Fayetteville, NC

Asoka, 6 months old

I loved everything! Her method of training, her availability inside and outside of classes, and the compassion she has for what she does! Even when we found ourselves frustrated she would remain calm and reassure us. She built a foundation that will allow us to continue to train Sky well after the classes ended. She is the ONLY one that I would recommend to train your furry friend. You will not regret it.

Alyssa Huff, Fayetteville, NC

Sky, 2 years old

We had our first session yesterday and I am so impressed with how fast our English bulldog learned after just one session!! Thank you and I can't wait to see how much more progress as a family we will make!!

Diana Adducci, Fort Bragg, NC

Ribbons, 1,5 years old


I could not be more grateful for you helping us with out Ribbons!!! She has made such amazing improvements in such a short amount of time! Thank you for being amazing and helping us!

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