Meet Krystal

Hello, I'm Krystal! I'm a huge animal lover, and have had dogs my entire life. My dog training journey began when I brought home my sweet Remi girl. Remi had a rough start before I took her in around a year old. She was very afraid of men, very anxious, and leash reactive with other dogs. I thought I had tried everything until I stumbled upon a Facebook post with multiple referrals to Agnes at Let's Get Pawsitive. After our first session and seeing an emotional change in Remi, I knew that this was going to work and be exactly what we needed. I began to spread the word to anyone that would listen to help save their relationship with their dogs, and also signed my puppy Cash up for the group class for socialization. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know. Along with shadowing Agnes with her clients and bringing my puppy Cash to help some of the dogs with socialization and some behaviors, I began researching science based positive reinforcement on my own by taking a few courses, reading books, listening to podcasts, and watching YouTube videos from accredited positive reinforcement trainers. My goal is to help pet guardians better understand their dogs so that they can build their relationship, and grow and learn together. 

Krystal is an apprentice here at Let's Get Pawsitive, who has begun her training journey with puppies.